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Ireland – November 2014 rainfall.

As part of my research project at Deltares, I am currently working on a flood forecasting system for Ireland and specifically the Suir river. For that, I am using re-analysis rainfall data from the Irish Meteorological Service. In the video below, you can take a look inside a flood forecasting and early warning system. It […]

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The EnsPy toolbox.

Lately, I have been searching for Python modules that can help me work easily and effectively with ensemble forecasts data. And by “work”, I mean read and visualize ensembles in a proper way, as well as extract useful information e.g. what is the probability of streamflow being over a threshold on a specific day? Apparently, after […]

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Modifying EVS source and adding the Ignorance Score.

The Ensemble Verification System (EVS) is an open-source java software tool for verifying ensemble forecasts of hydrometeorological variables. However, even though it comes with a variety of verification metrics to choose from, it lacks the Ignorance Score, a measure which I find one of the easiest to interpret and communicate to forecast users. The Ignorance […]